specialty teams

Axe team members are well-versed in our focus duties


Commercial and Private surveillance

Executive Protection Services

Protecting those at risk

Site Security Services

Protection for Commercial, Construction, and Retail

Our Axe Protection and Surveillance specialty teams include former law enforcement officers, military personnel, paramedics, firefighters, and special investigators. All are committed to ongoing skill enhancement training and the provision of world-class services.

Special Event Coverage

with Axe Protection and Surveillance

Our experienced Axe Event Security teams act as friendly and approachable ambassadors for your event and organization, maintaining high-visibility and ensuring a safe and secure environment. Trained in emergency scene management, crowd management, and legal requirements, teams work closely with event organizers and local emergency services to ensure an enjoyable time for all.

Emergency Coverage

Axe Protection and Surveillance is available 24/7

Sometimes things happen fast. When you need protection in a hurry our staff are ready to step in. Axe Protection and Surveillance offers 24 hour, 7 day a week availability. We look forward to being able to assist you upon short notice.


Is your business protected?

Instituting the proper workplace security measures, planning for disasters, and having the right insurance coverage, are vital components in minimizing the risks to your business. Axe Protection and Surveillance offers professional security and safety audits for all industries, including comprehensive reports, summaries, and recommendations.

Event Planning

While planning an event, it is important to consider every possible risk and hazard that may occur. Axe Protection and Surveillance is ready to assist you in preparing for most of the basic risks that may be encountered at an event.

A message from AXE

Hi, I'm Susan Spence, CEO of Axe Protection and Surveillance. We are proud to be providing professional investigation, surveillance, and security services for Calgary and Southern Alberta. Have you ever found your business broken into over night, in spite of your best efforts? Or did you ever do inventory only to find out you have been picked clean by shoplifters? Have you experienced a major disruption at your event? Then you already know that security is important, and good security services don't just happen. Here at Axe we know it too! Our approach to doing business is working so well that we are the only security industry partnered with Tourism Calgary! Hard work and professionalism speaks for itself, and that is all this Alberta girl can say about that without blushing.

EP Insight

Similar, Yet Different

Executive Protection vs. Bodyguards

We live in a world of threat: Threats to companies, corporations, personalities, individuals and their families or a country, religion or race. With the world on show in the media more than ever, people who are in the spotlight can hardly make a move without attracting attention and some of that attention does not have the best of intention. That is why the demand for executive protection agents and the specialized security services they can provide has continued to grow over the last few decades. When many people hear the term executive protection officer, they immediately associate that with being a fancy term for the word "bodyguard." Although guarding a person against imminent and sudden threats is a part of what an executive protection officer does, there is much more involved with this service than just that.